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Hello all ...
I am writing this as events in Japan are still unfolding hours after an extraordinary wall of water swept across the land taking all in its wake. It was so horrible to see and breathtaking in its enormity.
It was like some Hollywood disaster movie made manifest before our eyes and in the lives of people who thought it was going to be just another day.
The tsunami followed an earthquake of 8.9 on the Richter scale, the biggest in Japan since records began and it was 8,000 times more powerful than the one that devastated Christchurch in New Zealand in February.
I have been quietly observing the gathering seismic activity for a while now because so much is going on - not just the major quakes in places like Japan and New Zealand, shocking as they are.
The Earth is starting to 'move' or 'shake' in many areas and I was talking about this only two weeks ago with US talkshow host, Meria Heller (see interview after this article).


The world's major earthquake areas.

Current events take me back to the very start of my conscious journey of the last 21 years - to the earliest days of my awakening in the Spring and Summer of 1990 when I went to see a psychic to see if she would pick up a presence that I had felt around me for the best part of a year.
What followed through her were communications from 'beyond' that told me that I was going to do what I have, in fact, done in the two decades since - expose information that has been kept from humanity by the forces of control, both human and anything but human.
One of the key themes from those very earliest days was that the Earth was going to experience some astonishing geological activity, including tsunamis, as it went through a vibrational restructuring caused by what I call the 'Truth Vibrations'.


My book, The Truth Vibrations, was written in 1990.

This is a massive vibrational (information) change in the fabric of our reality that I was told in 1990 would awaken humanity from its programmed slumber, bring to the surface all that had been hidden and cause enormous geological activity as the planet was vibrationally restructured to sync with the changing energetic environment.
The base construct of our Universe/reality is waveform - vibration - an energetic state that can hold fantastic amounts of information. This is decoded by the observer - in our case through the human 'body-computer' - into the electrical, digital and holographic information that we call the 'physical world'.
So when the vibrational level shifts or changes everything decoded from that information must also shift and change. This is what is happening to the human body, mind and emotions and what must happen to the 'physical' Earth as the process continues.
On one level, the Universe is electrical in nature with vast currents passing through the plasma foundation which accounts for 99.999 per cent of the visible universe. When the nature of the current passing through this cosmic electrical grid changes, so does everything.


The Sun, too, consists overwhelmingly of plasma and it acts as a gigantic transformer that draws in electricity from the grid and projects it across the solar system as 'light'.
So when the energy (information) in the cosmic grid changes, so does the Sun and, therefore, so does the Earth and humanity. This is what is happening now. The more powerful the energy that the Sun draws in, the greater the solar activity, or 'cycle', and we are heading for a seriously powerful period of solar projections.
Ken Ring, a New Zealand mathematician, accurately warned of the strong possibility of an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, at the time that it happened last month after studying the effects of the Sun and Moon on the Earth and that is possible when you understand the connections between them.
He says it is highly possible that there will be another quake in Christchurch on or around March 20th.
When I talked about this theme of coming extreme seismic activity very publicly in the UK in 1991, I was subjected to mass ridicule and at that time I was obviously very confused about the information I was trying to assimilate. It was very early days and hard to process and understand.
There may be other explanations for what is happening now and we must keep an open mind until the evidence becomes clearer, but we are in a bumpy period for the planet and its people, that's for sure.


The Pacific 'Ring of Fire' which is home to more than 75 per cent of the world's active and dormant volcanoes and 90 per cent of the world's earthquakes, including 80 per cent of the biggest ones. Japan and New Zealand are both on the 'ring'.

The geological establishment says that earthquake activity is not increasing, but there is ever-growing evidence that some very strange things are happening.
The Indiana News reported recently that scientists are 'keeping a wary eye' on a multiple series of earthquakes in Arkansas with 60 tremors in a week and 700 recorded in Faulkner County in six months.
Michael Hamburger, a professor of geological sciences at Indiana University, called this 'absolutely a phenomenon' and said they were trying to make sense of it. 'This is a slow, developing swarm of activity', he said.
I have seen conflicting reports and statistics from the official government agencies like the US Geological Survey that say there is no increase in activity, while others point to a significant increase in 'high end' quakes, and still others say activity in general is increasing. It's all a bit of a mess, really.
I certainly wouldn't take the word of government agencies like the US Geological Survey on principle given the shocking record of government-controlled organisations in keeping the truth from the population or outright lying.


Deaths from earthquakes have certainly increased dramatically over the last more than 100 years with the biggest increase in more recent times. There are other factors involved in this, like the increase in population, but the fatalities are revealed in statistical surveys to have increased by twice the rate of population growth.
There are reports that land in the major earthquake zone of Java in Indonesia has dropped 20 feet this year, allowing the sea to flood in and apparently there has been a substantial increase in sinkholes through 2010 to the present when enormous cavities open up in the Earth's surface - like this one in Guatemala City last year ...


On the same day that the earthquake struck Japan on Friday, one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes erupted on Siau, part of the Sulawesi island chain, along with massive eruptions of two volcanoes in Kamchatkav in Eastern Russia, and the Sakurajima volcano which erupted in Japan.
Volcanic activity is subject to the same claims and counter claims with regard to the rate of increase, if any, but beyond such arguments what is certainly increasing is the number of people who feel instinctively that something different is happening here. Something is 'not right'.
I am certainly one of them. As the famous 60s song goes: 'There's something happening here - what it is ain't exactly clear'. But it will become clearer as more evidence and experience comes to light, because I suspect that things are going to move ever quicker in all areas of what we call 'life, and that includes seismic activity.
As with everything that I am researching you need to put the 'package' together and connect the dots across all information available and not just be mesmerised by one aspect of a situation, like official figures for earthquake and volcanic activity.
I have been writing for years about the changing nature of the Earth's magnetic field which interacts with the electrical/plasma cosmic power grid. Different electrical charges make the plasma react in different ways and one region of charged plasma forms a 'sheath' or barrier when it comes into contact with plasma charged differently.


This is what the Earth's 'magnetosphere' really is. One form of plasma creating a 'bubble' in response to 'cosmic' plasma of a different electrical state.
But it is not, of course, a full-blown shield, it allows a lot of solar and cosmic radiation to pass through and thus exchanges information with the Universe as a whole - as we do.
This is how what I call the 'Cosmic Internet' works - it is an interactive 'game' and the game changes from time to time, in what we call 'cycles' or 'yugas', as the information construct of the 'game' moves through its cycle.
The Earth's changing magnetic field was highlighted even in the mainstream media this week as the UK Independent reported that the magnetic north pole is 'moving faster than at any time in human history, threatening everything from the safety of modern transport systems to the traditional navigation routes of migrating animals'.
Magnetic north has been in the frozen wilderness of Ellesmere Island in Canada for two centuries, but it is now relocating at a speed of some 40 miles a year in the direction of Russia with the speed increasing by a third in the last decade.
This is distorting compasses by about a degree every five years and the US Federal Aviation Administration is having to re-evaluate runway names - which are based on their direction in degrees - every five years so they continue to sync with aircraft instruments. Tampa airport in Florida has just spend a month doing this very thing.



North pole is on the move.

Scientists and others speculate that all this may be the prelude to a 'flip' or reversal of the magnetic poles which is calculated to have last happened some 780,000 years ago at the start of what is believed to be the longest stable period in the last five million years.
One of the communications that I was given in 1990 was that 'the world is changing and the North will become South ...'

What a magnetic pole shift (different from a physical pole shift) will mean for life on Earth no-one seems to know or be confident enough to give a detailed opinion. After all, it hasn't happened for the best part of a million years.
We are all synchronised to some extent by the nature of the planet's magnetic field, but this is especially true of the animal world, not least whales, dolphins, birds and such like which have their directional antenna guided by contact with the magnetic field.
If they are having to change runways to keep aircraft on the right course, clearly animals are going to be affected if they don't do the same reprogramming of their own 'Sat-Navs'.
Thousands of whales, dolphins and porpoises are found beached and stranded on coastlines around the world every year with Cape Cod in the United States and around New Zealand among the most common locations.
Only last month 107 pilot whales died after being stranded off New Zealand's South Island and it is highly likely that a major cause of these mass 'strandings' is a distorted or faulty interaction with the Earth's magnetic field - something made more likely by its current instability.


Even more mysterious are the mass deaths of birds and sea life around the world with millions of fish found dead in a California harbour this week. Other unexplained bird and sea life deaths include:

  • 450 red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles and starlings found on the road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • 3,000 blackbirds on roofs and roads in Beebe, Arkansas

  • Thousands of 'devil crabs' washed up along the Kent coast near Thanet in England

  • Thousands of drum fish washed along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River

  • Tens of thousands of small fish dead in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

  • Thousands of dead fish found floating in a Florida creek

  • Hundreds of snapper fish found dead in New Zealand

  • Scores of American Coots found dead on a Texas highway bridge


The dead fish in the California harbour this week.

Then there is the mass demise of honeybees and bats. There will be different explanations in some cases, but I am sure that, in most instances of these mass deaths, there is a common factor.
In Arkansas, thousands of birds fell out of the sky and 100,000 fish died at the same time in the same geographical region, so there is a connecting factor in all this, or much of it, anyway. But what?
One potential source for at least some of this is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), based in Alaska and now expanding to other countries.
It is jointly funded by the United States Air Force, United States Navy, University of Alaska, and the deeply sinister Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.


The technology used by HAARP bounces high-frequency radio waves off the ionosphere, the highest level of the atmosphere hundreds of miles above the Earth, and then back again.
This has the ability to manipulate the weather, not least by super-heating the ionosphere; cause hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis; implant thoughts and emotions in the human brain, individually and collectively; block communication systems worldwide; kill people with a particle beam weapon, or 'death ray', again individually or en masse; shoot down aircraft and manifest phenomena in the sky, among much else.
This potential pretty much ticks every box of the phenomena I have detailed in this article, and it would make sense given that the plan is to create as much chaos and fear as possible to block and stifle the human awakening.
I have no doubt that it is being used in multiple ways and if the earthquake in Haiti last year was not triggered by HAARP-connected technology for a premeditated takeover of Haiti and its potential resource assets, with US troops on standby to move in the moment the quake hit, then I am a pig with wings currently in a holding pattern.


But that doesn't mean that everything that happens of this nature can be put down to HAARP. There are other phenomena at work here, too, and the challenge is to establish which is created by technology and which by planetary re-alignment and natural causes.
So I am open to all possibilities when I look at this, or anything else come to that. But what I can say is that what is happening collectively, everything put together, is what I was told was going to happen 21 years ago.
And if what I was told then is anything like correct, we have seen nothing yet.

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David's application for a visa to speak in Australia in September/October has been delayed and 'referred to the Australian Government for further processing'.

The last time he spoke in Australia, in 2009, he was stopped at immigration in Melbourne and asked to sign an acknowledgement that he had read a letter he was handed by the authorities warning him not to cause 'discord' in the country.

Definition of discord:

a. Lack of agreement among persons, groups, or things.

b. Tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement; dissension.

c. A confused or harsh sound or mingling of sounds.

This means that the Australian authorities must take issue with every politician in the Canberra parliament who cause 'discord' under this definition every day. How ludicrous.

We'll keep you posted to see what the government of 'free' Australia does next with regard to David's basic human right to speak to people who wish to hear him.

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